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The Best Tours & Excursions to do in Albuquerque

1. Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Ride at Sunrise/Sunset

From $180

Who doesn’t love a good sunset? take off in a hot air balloon and enjoy 360 views of Albuquerque from up above. You’ll have spectacular views of the mountains and landscapes as you rise further into the air and watch the sun go down. You’ll have a pilot/tour guide with you to give you lots of interesting information on the history of hot air balloons as well as commentary on all of the sights you see. You’ll be in the air for 1 hour before returning to land for a sundown picnic.

2. The Ghost Tour of Old Town – New Mexico’s oldest Ghost Walk

From $30

Things are about to get spooky on this trip! Enjoy a ”ghost walk” through the old town of Albuquerque. You will be accompanied by a tour guide that will give you the spooky history of the town and lots of paranormal tales. There are many legends, folklore, and ghost tales that have been rumoured for years. It’s up to you if you believe them or not! It starts at 8 pm every night.

3. Guided Bicycle Nature Tour of Albuquerque

From: $75

This tour covers a lot of ground and will allow you to see parts of Albuquerque that cars cannot reach! It’s around 2 hours long and the path you cycle along will give you the very best of Albuquerque natural beauty. You will have an experienced tour guide with you to teach you about the cities history and culture. Be prepared to see some famous sights and hidden treasures too!

4. New Mexico: Jemez Pueblo, Soda Dam & Falls

From: $290

This is a photographers landscape dream! You will learn all about New Mexicos rich history from a knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic tour guide. As well as seeing many natural wonders and ruins en route. You can opt for a hotel pick-up, lunch and even a private tour guide for small groups if you’d prefer.

5. Albuquerque Bar Hunt: Albuquerque Ales and ‘Tails

Immerse in the hustle and bustle in Albuquerque whilst exploring some of the best bars the city offers. This tour is different to the rest because instead of a tour guide, you will be guided by an app instead. It will lead you to different bars and hidden gems as you answer trivia questions and solve challenges along the way. And needless to say, get a little boozy.

6. The Dinner Detective Murder Mystery Dinner

From $60

This offers a delicious dinner and top-class entertainment for your family and friends for a whole evening. It’s Americas largest interactive murder mystery show! Guests will get to play the role of detective whilst actors act revealing clues along the way (pay close attention). You will need to piece together clues and make a decision on who you think committed the murder. All will be revealed at the end, and the groups that guessed right will recieve a prize. Then it’s time to enjoy the four-course meal with local cuisine.

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